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Posted by on Jun 15, 2011 in New York City | 0 comments

New Changes and A Night Out At VYNL

I absolutely do not want this to be a blog where you check back faithfully often, and are sour to realize that there are no new posts! Don’t you hate that? When you want your favorite blogger to be blogging everyday, because you are reading everyday, and days and days will go by without any new posts? I know I don’t like it, and as a blogger, I still don’t like it! So thanks to those of you who are still checking back after recent posts have slowed! I am still scouring the webworld for new information to share with you, places to travel to, and new ideas for this beautiful website!

So what have I been doing on my week of absence? Re-evaluating, that is for sure. You know how they say your body changes every seven years? Well my 21st birthday that passed in September, and this year has sure been wrought with change, specifically this month. I have spent the month taking stock of my life, what I need to do differently and what I would like to do in the future. Who am I? Where do I work? Do I want to keep working there? What do I want to do with my room? Degree? Blog? Life? The answers have not come to me easily, however, I have been making gigantic leaps and bounds in the last two weeks to be a better version of myself, and put some moves into motion to find out what this fabulous diva is capable of!

Here is what I know so far…

  • I am probably stuck in the same residence I have held since middle school until I finish my Bachelor’s Degree, which is totally good for my financial situation. Therefore, I have started making my room a bit more ‘zen’ and a bit more grown up, to make myself feel better : ) Redecorating my room? Check.
  • I want to do something, someday, in the general vein of psychology, be it working for a non-profit organization, actually becoming a psychologist, therapist, or doing social work, I believe that a psychology degree will help in any of those areas….change major? Check.
  • My boyfriend is still absolutely, totally perfect and fabulous. Fabulous divo boyfriend who treats me wonderfully? CHECK!
  • My job….all I will say, for now…is I have some exciting, terrifying new leads on the horizon, and I am equal parts excited and scared. However, as you may remember from a previous post, I love doing things that scare me. I think that if I am not partly terrified then it’s not exciting enough. Going to Asia? Totally scared! Getting on a plane for the first time? Totally scared. Leaving my somewhat cushy job where I have seniority because I have been there FO-EVA? Totally scared!!! But I am so excited. Nothing is set in stone, and my leads are definitely not final, but I am so excited to try something new. I think it is definitely time to take another leap of faith! Being totally scared? Check!

THAT is why I haven’t had time to gallivant around New York City and blog about it, although, I HAVE still been doing some gallivanting….which is why I now bring to you one of my favorite NY hotspots in Chelsea, VYNL!

I, of course, went to Vynl for the first time with Ferocio Joey, and have loved it ever since! Vynl is such a happy bar/restaurant, with two locations, one in Chelsea and one in Hell’s Kitchen, although I have only ever been to the one in Chelsea. The tables are all tiled mosaic, as are the bathrooms, and the restaurant is music-themed. The menus were all made out of old record cases, and the tables have different records and famous faces tiled onto them. My boys and I had the privilege of eating over the great Liza Minelli’s face! Cd Cases line the walls as do famous-musician barbie dolls like RuPaul, Cher, and Michael Jackson, although my favorite feature of Vynl is the bathrooms, for sure! Upstairs there is a Justin Timberlake-themed bathroom, with a full tile mosaic mural, and of course they only play JT’s music! Downstairs is the same type of bathroom, but it is Boy George themed! Can you ask for anything more out of your bathroom? I think not. Me, Ferocio, and some other rowdy boys enjoyed a night of great food and frozen cosmos while they blasted Lady Gaga’s new album! This led to quite a GaGa singalong, and a great time was had by all!

I am PLEASED to announce that Kerri’s style corner at will be coming soon, and Ferocio and I WILL be taking Seattle by storm this August, and blogging every minute of it! I simply cannot, and will not let ANYTHING get in the way of my travel, and not even student loans and my Bachelor’s degree are good enough excuses. If travel is what keeps blood running through my veins, by god I WILL GO! Stay tuned!

“It’s all scary, but I love being scared. You’re only brave when you do things that scare you.”

-ginnifer goodwin.

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