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Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in Celebrities, Concerts, Katy Perry | 0 comments

Fine, Fresh, Fierce, Katy Perry’s California Dreams

I have always been a fan of Katy Perry! I love the blue wig, I love all of her songs, I love how adorable and over the top she is! I fell madly in love with her when she married my supa celebrity crush Russell Brand, and I love that she is a curvy celebrity that isn’t afraid to admit she wears about ten pounds of makeup to look good! I LOVE her! That being said, I jumped at the offer to be a guest in a private box this past Sunday when Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour came to our local Jersey concert site, The Prudential Center!

I arrived on my own at the Prudential Center, and it was PACKED! The tweens were off the wall! I had expected to see some insane Katy Perry getups on some crazed fans a la Lady Gaga, however there were only a few blue wigs amongst the crowd. The merchandise was so crowded, I am sure it takes forever to get to the counter to actually order something. Once I dug my way past that congested area, I ascended into VIP heaven! While I didn’t get to go backstage or anything, we definitely got the VIP treatment by having this private box at the concert! I have only ever sat in general admission at the Prudential Center, but this time I got to show my ticket at the bottom of a staircase, and walk up only to show my ticket a second time, they are definitely making sure no one gets up there who doesn’t belong! At the top of these stairs, it is very sparse VIP type lounge, and it is nice that there isn’t such a large crowd. There is a huge leather couch, tables and chairs, a giant gorgeous bar, and a separate stand to order food. The area as a whole is very nice, and we practically have our own bathroom! I never had to wait in a line that was more than one person deep! Exciting!

I met up with my very generous hosts, everyone dressed to the nines, and got a drink while we sat down and had a delicious meal before the show! There were giant cocktail shrimp served, of course, in cocktail glasses! It was excellent, but we were really excited to get to the show! We made our way to our awesome seats, and behind every small semi-private section is a table with a flat screen tv to keep you occupied before the show! I actually don’t know what you can watch on this private fancy television because we didn’t turn ours on, but I still thought it was so cool that it was there! Our seats were awesome! We were the second row of a little box, you didn’t have to push past a huge crowd or walk up several flights of stairs to exit, it was amazing! Many thanks to my extremely generous hosts for sharing this wonderful experience with me!

Robyn was performing her last opening act at this particular show, and I have to say I thought it was just okay. First and foremost, she did NOT sing Show Me Love, the only Robyn song that I know. Overall her act was just okay, I thought it was very much an ‘opening act’. When I saw Britney Spears at the Prudential Center, the Pussycat Dolls opened, and it was like seeing a whole separate show! They WORKED it, and showed everyone that they ain’t just no opener! Their clothes were amazing, they had their own stage. Of course, they are a much bigger deal than Robyn, but I still thought that Robyn could have brought more to the table. She basically had no special stage, or costume, and it was just okay.

Then KATY came out! Her show was extremely prompt, rare for a celebrity of her status, and began exactly at 9pm! She came out and was on fire the entire night! (SPOILERS AHEAD>>) The California Tour is based on a story that Katy gets fired from working for a butcher, and then picks up a cupcake on the way home to cheer herself up. She shares her cupcake with  her best friend, her cat Kitty Purry, and then falls asleep and has a dream that Kitty Purry is lost in a candy wonderland, and Katy has to go find her! It reminded me of both the Wizard of Oz AND Lady Gaga’s show where she is gets into all of these adventures on her way to find the Monster Ball.

The stage is a candy colored dream, complete with cotton candy clouds and a candy striped walkway on either side. She opened the show with ‘Teenage Dream’ in a white dress with Peppermint Candies over her tatas that spun. It was incredible! She did SO many songs and played straight until eleven. She wore a red and yellow feathered boa when she did a burlesque ballad version of ‘I Kissed A Girl’, which was a  really fun way to punch up the song that launched her career. She brought up a guy on stage and kissed him on the cheek, only to push him back off the stage and scream “Someone just told me my husband was here!” I literally thought I was going to fly out of my chair, however much to my dismay, Russell never turned up! The first half she did some really fun songs like “Hummingbird Heartbeat”, “UR So Gay”, and one of my all time favorites complete with dancers dressed as Elvis, ‘Waking Up In Vegas.”

One of my favorite costume changes was when she lays down on the stage and gets up in 30 seconds wearing an entirely different outfit! It was a silver sequin caftan, and it was TO DIE FOR! Katy then got up on a pedestal that stood very high in the air and sung ‘Pearl’ a song not unlike Firework. You can tell on the magnified projected screens that somehow she is like 20 times more gorgeous in person than she is on TV! There were several many costume changes, in fact, during ‘Hot and Cold’, one of her hits from a former album, every time she sings the lyric ‘you change your mind like a girl changes clothes’, she does a costume change right there on stage in 5 seconds! AMAZING! Katy is really a true performer, and she knows how to put on a good show!

I had been hoping she would sing one of my Katy Perry-faves, ‘Just like the Movies’ in the same way she did on the Grammys where she sat in a swing that got pulled high into the air and became a screen where they projected the only single glimpse of her and Russell Brand’s wedding that has ever been seen. While she DID get on the swing and project a movie onto it, it was cartoon love-clips and NOT her wedding…guess the grammys is all we are getting. Damn it!

There were so many amazing moments of her show, I could go on and on. Two favorites of mine were A.) when she gets on a cotton candy cloud that flies out into the crowd, and sings ‘Thinking of You’ while playing a pink bejewled guitar, and B.) when she does a *surprise* KILLER COVER of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’, and pulls tons of people out of the crowd to come dance onstage. This solidified my love for Katy Perry, signed, sealed, delivered, I am hers.

There were SO many surprises to her show, I won’t even give them all away. If you have the opportunity to see her, absolutely take it! While I was exceptionally fortunate to have this very special experience of the VIP lounge, it is seriously a show that anyone can enjoy from any seat in the house. Katy Perry  is a star in every sense of the word! I love her songs before, but Katy Perry made a true fan out of me tonight. I will follow her until the end of her career! Don’t miss the California Dreams tour, by the encore you will be pining for a blue wig and wishing the show wouldn’t end!!!

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