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Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but while I consider myself many things, stylish just is not one of them. I am an ace with makeup, I am great at it and have somehow convinced people I have great skin thanks to my MAC pro-long wear; I know a great deal about fragrance, thanks to my time spent at the Bloomingdales’ counter; I am quite knowledgeable about designers, fall or spring collections, because I do read Vogue and take a great interest in fashion and couture. Somehow, though, I just don’t have great style!

Try as I may, all I really want to wear everyday is ripped jeans and a black top, occasionally a dress when the occasion calls for it, with great shoes and a great bag. I don’t know why I love handbags and shoes so much, accessories in general are my thing. I LOVE jewelry from Tiffany’s, go gaga over Louis Vuitton, and on my life list is to own a pair of Loubitans, because, of course, I already got myself some Blahniks! It’s the clothes, somehow, that always trip me up!

While I do think I look cute sometimes, I just don’t think I have that classic fabulous style. Style is an entire look, a carefully concocted image of perfection from head to toe. I have always personally wanted to look like one of those effortless French women who roll out of bed with their blonde bouffant in a perfect mess, throw on the perfect white blouse that fits just right with the perfect pair of tailored pants, and look chic. However, I am a realist, and that, my friends, will never happen for me.

When I think of style, I think of one of my very best friends, Kerri. Kerri has the perfect sense of style, and never gives up on a look she wants to execute. She is one of those people that knows everything about everything, and can tell you how to buy a vintage bathing suit, perform your own spa treatments, or work brown boots with the right dress. Kerri is always thinking about the entire look; she is never just purchasing an item of clothing when shopping (as I do and then get home and find I have nothing to wear it with), she is buying an entire look, which is usually classy with a touch of fabulous, just as Coco Chanel intended. Kerri always looks perfectly manicured, and can work with pieces I have long since given up on. My most recent favorite Kerri fashion moment was perfectly tailored jeans, with a yellow cardigan and white blouse cinched with the most perfect little belt in just the right place. How she does it? I will never know!

We have been friends since our days making frappucinos four years ago, and have become so close that I will be her Maid of Honor in her upcoming October wedding. I have watched her style evolve over the years from a collegiate jeans and t-shirt look to a perfectly manicured Charlotte York, who never has a hair out of place with winged eyeliner that is always just right.

What does this have to do with you, my Ferocia Fatale readers? Whatever is on my mind is on this website! Lately I have been contemplating style, and while I have never thought I could write about style on my blog, I know just the person who can! I have asked my good friend Kerri to take up her own little corner on my little piece of the internet world to help tell me (and you) about style! Kerri will be bringing us trends, outfits, accessories, and deals in her never-ending quest for the perfect looks! Thank you to Kerri for accepting this challenge, I look forward to seeing this site evolve with style!


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