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Posted by on May 13, 2011 in Disney World, Travel | 2 comments

Welcome to Orlando

Is there anything better than getting off a plane and seeing palm trees everywhere? I don’t think so! Welcome to Orlando! It is SO hot here. SO HOT. And beautiful, but mostly just hot.The plane ride was incredibly short, so we were surprised to learn that we had arrived even earlier than planned.

We are staying in a Trifecta of Marriott Hotels. They are all in a big courtyard together sharing a giant fountain in the middle.  We had a little trouble checking in. Truth be told, our first day we were all definitely still trying to find out footing. It was a day of random mishaps and some small let-downs, but we totally triumphed in the end, and really, how mad can you really be when you are a mile from Disney World?

Our hotel is literally about a mile or two from the park. Upon checking in, however, they told us that they did not have a King room available as per our reservation (reserved in January), but did have a two-double-bed room. We were mad that they didn’t have what we booked, but whatever, we will take it. Then they tell my friends that not only do they not have their King bed room, they also overbooked and don’t have any double bedrooms ready, but if they wanted to they could put their stuff in a dirty room that is still being cleaned. ICK. So they put their stuff in our room, and we just headed right out to Epcot. We were pretty surprised and disappointed by this hotel so far, but we tried having a good day.

Epcot is beautiful! I never realized how gigantic that golf-ball thing is, and the ride inside of it was definitely my favorite ride of the day. I can’t explain why animatronic fake people make me happy, but they do! I love all rides like that, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Hall of Presidents, it was awesome!

As I said, the first day was a little rough. We were still adjusting to the heat, trouble with the hotel, my friend got sick when we ate in Mexico, and then we got seperated for a few hours which were spent trying to find the each other. Overall though, it really was awesome! I loved Epcot. There definitely is less to see there. The world showcase is cute and fun, but it does seem to have the least amount of rides, for sure.  During our trip, the Flower and Garden Festival has been going on in Epcot, so there are huge topiaries everywhere of different Disney characters. For dinner we ate at Marrakesh in the Moroccan Pavillion, and it was amazing! I had vegetable cous cous and they even had belly dancers and performers! Definitely worth it! The firework show over the lake made it all worth it though! That was beautiful!


The rest of the trip has been really great so far, AND after something else went wrong and we had had the last straw, we complained to the hotel management and got our hotel room upgraded! Not only were we moved to the nicer hotel in our trifecta, it has a MUCH nicer King Room, with a balcony and jacuzzi! This hotel also has nicer pools, hot tubs, and less children. HOORAY! Moral of the story for today? You should definitely stay optimistic on a trip that is starting out poorly, and sometimes, if you complain nicely, you might get upgraded! : )


  1. Sorry the start was bad, but positive thinking and perseverance pays off! Although I know you’ve eaten in the “real” France, I was surprised that you didn’t feel compelled to eat in the Epcot version. I though you want want to see just how authentic everything there was. Oh, and somewhere in the Magic Kingdom you can have a Princess Makeover. Just sayin. ;) I’m so glad you are having a great time, and I can’t wait to see more pics! Love you!

    • Yes, yay for positivity! Thanks for commentin’! I have no idea who of the family reads this blog! : ) When you were in Disney did you go to Epcot/eat at France? I have eaten in the ‘real’ France, but I definitely didn’t eat enough while I was there! That is where my die-hard sight-seeing gets in the way lol I would have enjoyed eating at one of the Epcot French bistros, but my friend made the reservation. It actually was really cool though, and I am glad I got to experience Moroccan food!

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