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Posted by on May 17, 2011 in Disney World, Travel | 2 comments

The Always Magical Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was the place that I most wanted to see in all of Walt Disney World. For me, the Magic Kingdom is the bloody beating heart that keeps the whole shebang tied together. This park is the most magical, fun, adorable, thoughtful, place for both kids and adults. I couldn’t wait to get back there, and on Day 3 we finally arrived!

In all of my Magical Magic Kingdom memories, I failed to remember how tough it is to get there! We had to park, take a tram to the monorail, and take a monorail to the park. This trek is just short of jumping through hoops if you ask me! Regardless, we made it, and the first beautiful sight you see is Cinderella’s castle nestled in the center of Main Street. So beautiful! Did you know that Walt Disney never even saw the completion of Walt Disney World? I grew up thinking that this was the first Disney park, but I was totally mistaken! The first Disney themepark was Disneyland in California which opened in 1955, and Walt began working on Disney World in 1959. Unfortunately, he died 3 months before the park would open in 1971, and his brother Roy named it Walt Disney World in his memory. I had no idea about all of this until we visited the Walt Disney exhibit in Hollywood Studios, but I just had to share! It is amazing to think that all of this came from the dream of one man!

We began our tour of the Magic Kingdom in Frontierland, after taking a million pictures of Cinderella’s castle. Fast pass in Disney World is an absolute blessing. We found the longest line, got a fast pass which gives you a specific hour to come back when you will get to skip the entire line, and then went to the rides with shorter lines in the meantime. For example, the wait for Splash Mountain was about 40 minutes, but the wait for Pirates of the Caribbean and the Magic Carpet Ride next door was only 10 minutes, so we got a fast pass for Splash Mountain, and in the hour we had to wait before we could return, we rode the short-line rides. THIS, above all, IS my Ferocia Disney tip. Maximize your time with the fast pass, folks! Not to mention you will feel like a total VIP walking by the entire line of people who have been sweating in line for a half an hour and getting right on the ride!! Fast Pass that thang!

Splash Mountain was awesome, and Pirates is an absolute staple, much like It’s A Small World. The lines that we actually did wait in all went surprisingly fast! While this line for It’s A Small World looks gigantic and really daunting, we probably waited for about ten minutes, most of which is spent walking the whole line, you aren’t stationary for very long. Loud obnoxious teenagers who were all screaming to impress one another were the worst, though, and we tried to avoid them at every cost. We even went as far as letting the people behind us cut us in line to create some space between us, because we all had short tempers in the 95 degree heat. Isn’t It’s A Small World the cutest ride ever?? I love it! There representation of all the nations is ADORABLE!

The biggest surprise wait time of the entire park was the 70 minute wait for Peter Pan. We fast-passed it, and I have to say, it is cute, but not enough to wait in line for an hour and a half!! (Another great point about fast pass: not getting disappointed in a ride you waited in line 70 minutes for.) You cruise in your own little pirate ship above the world in Peter Pan, it was cute, but surprisingly short. Another ride of epic disappointment was Stitch’s Great Escape in Tomorrowland. This ride was the MOST awful ride of the whole trip. I guess the story is that this ride was originally a ride called ‘Alien Encounters’ and it was very terrifying, according to my friends. Our theory is that it was so terrifying, they replaced the concept of the alien escaping with stitch escaping, and now it is just a ride where nothing happens. You sit in a chair, the lights go out, stitch appears, lights on, lights off, stitch, no stitch, ride over. It’s a five minute wait for a reason! Steer clear. Time-waster.

One of my other favorite rides is The Haunted Mansion! It was so fun getting spun around a spooky mansion, definitely a favorite. Other rides we rode include The Carousel of Progress, Dumbo, some boring Raceway Ride, and Space Mountain. Space Mountain is the besssssst! We all put that ride in our top 5 also! What a great roller coaster (and another ride you should fast pass)!

Another highlight to our trip was surprising my soon-to-be-married friends with special Disney bride and groom hats! They had been seeing a few couples through out the park wearing these amazing lids, and when Kerri and Mike finally walked away for a few minutes, my boyfriend and I snuck to the nearest shop to buy them! I am the maid of honor in Kerri’s upcoming October wedding, and it was my duty to make sure these hats were purchased! They both looked adorable! I am more than honored to be a part of their special day coming up, and also just to be their friend. They are both amazing people who are hysterical and awesome together, not to mention great travel-buddies. Jamaica 2012 ya’all!

All in all, I love the Magic Kingdom! It is still my favorite park in all of Disney World. Next stop…Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

What are YOUR favorite Disney rides? Did I miss any??

Ferocia’s Top 5 Rides at Disney World and Universal

  1. Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n Roll Rollercoaster
  2. Revenge of the Mummy
  3. Expedition Everest
  4. Space Mountain
  5. Wizarding World: The Forbidden Journey

Fierce: Fast Pass   Hot Mess: Stitch’s Escape


  1. I totally agree with catagorizing Stitches Escape as a hot mess! I can’t believe that it’s even still there!! Also, fast pass is awesome but if you can get there in the months of Sept-Oct you probably won’t even need it. All the kiddies are at school and it’s not as hot! I spent all of Oct. 2005 there after hurricane Katrina and it was perfect!

    • That does seem like a good season to go in! I think that the food and wine festival is in Disney during Sept-Oct too! Stitch’s ride was so dumb, we kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever did. SO stuuuupid! It was the biggest waste of time in all of the parks, I thought. I don’t even think it is appealing to children. bleh to stitch, bleh.

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