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Introducing Joey

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!


Hi Ferocia followers, Joey here! I’m the new “guest-blogger” in town here at Ferocia Fatale and I wanted to share who I am with you all, in case any of you are wondering “who the heck is Joey, what has he done with my Ferocia, and why is he writing at her blog”??

This all began during the summer of 2007. I was assistant-managing at a Starbucks in central New Jersey at the time, so my job consisted of trying to keep a staff of young 20-somethings productive and happy in the not-always glamorous business of slinging coffee. One particularly chaotic afternoon brought a large rush of summer school students from the college across the street, and with them, an ungodly amount of frappuccino orders. I looked towards the blenders and saw a terrified young new hire, wide-eyed like the innocent ingenue of some old hollywood movie, drowning in a



sea of plastic cups with an exasperated “HELP ME!!” look plastered all over her face. Like a knight in shining armor, I rushed to her side to help. After what seemed like hours of furiously blending an endless amount of sugary concotions, we came out of the crisis with a new-found bond, like when two people that experience some horrible tragedy together inevitably end up becoming very close. Yes, out of this messy aftermath of a frappupocolypse (say that five times fast), my ferocious friendship with Kelli was born!

I stayed at that Starbucks in central Jersey for two more years, and during that time, began a series of unforgettable adventures with Kelli. Having movie nights, New York City excursions, and shopping trips kept us entertained, and even after I left, we continued our amazing friendship. It didn’t take either of us long to realize we’d both had this undying need to travel


High on caffeine.

and see the world since we were young. Indeed, when I was about ten, I took an envelope, colored a picture of the globe with my crayolas on it, labeled it “travel money”, and hid it under my bed. The goal was to put $1 into this envelope everyday so that by the time I was adult, I could afford a trip around the world. This doomed-from-the-start project probably lasted about one month, and the few dollars I had amassed were taken out and spent by my ten-year-old self on god knows what (bubble tape gum or comic books, most likely). Yes, it failed, but the intention to be a world-traveler someday never went away.

The moment arrived the day I got that fateful phone call from Kelli, excitedly saying we have to go to Paris. Paris! I immediately agreed, no questions asked, and after a palm tree and sunshine-filled trip to Southern California in 2009, we made Paris a reality in early 2010. My adrenaline was off the charts in Paris, like a kid in a candy store. I really give

crepes in Paris

Crepes, oui oui!

Kelli credit for putting up with my borderline psychotic planning and shameless sightseeing. But a lot of that was inspired by her! There’s something infectious about Kelli’s determination to make things happen, and happen they do. Most people too often listen to that voice in their head that claims “no, don’t be silly, it’s not going to happen, what was I thinking, I can’t do this”. Kelli, like all of us, has that voice too, and she is sensible enough to listen to it, when need be. But for the most part, she knows when to simply ignore it and live her own life by her own rules, goals, and desires. THAT, my friends, is why she is Ferocia Fatale, and what this blog is all about!


What’s next on the horizon is this: two close friends and I will be traveling to China for two weeks to see my best friend from college, Pete (more on this to come)! Soon after hearing I would officially be traveling to the “People’s Republic”, Kelli approached me to be a “guest blogger” at Ferocia Fatale. I was completely honored and I must say nervous, but accepted, because I simply don’t say no to Ferocia!

Temple of Heaven

Beijing, China

So what does that mean for YOU? In a nutshell, it means you will be able to read my thoughts during my travels through China! Kelli will be in Florida with friends simultaneously blogging as well, so don’t worry, you will get your Ferocia fix too! Basically, it’s double-your-pleasure, double-your-fun time at the the Ferocia Fatale blog. So stay tuned, because it’s a mere 36 hours until I land in Beijing, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!


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