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Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Disney World, Travel | 0 comments

A Dreary Final Goodbye at Hollywood Studios

Our final time in Orlando was spent at Hollywood Studios. Technically, we actually spent our final last day at both Animal Kingdom AND Hollywood Studios, but I am a cheater blogger and wanted to give each park it’s own post. When you purchase your Disney Park Pass, for a flat fee of $54.00, you can access any park as many times as you want for the however long you are in Disney. We added this option because we knew that at least one of the days will be spent going to two parks. If you do not purchase this additional feature you would only be allowed one entry for one park a day. Also, it is important to note that you only have to pay for parking once a day in Disney, and so to park in both the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios we only had to pay to park once, which is nice!

Hollywood Studios was the only day that the weather didn’t hold out for us. I am not sure if this clouded my experience there along with the overall sadness of going home the next day, but it just wasn’t what I remembered. I was really excited to go to Hollywood Studios because I LOVE Hollywood, especially old Hollywood. I guess I just remembered this park being bigger and much different when I was younger, because I was pretty disappointed.

The first ride we went on was ‘The Great Movie Ride’ which I was REALLY excited about! I specifically remembered wanting to go on this ride when I was there last time because the description was a ‘ride that puts you in the middle of some of the greatest movie scenes of all time’, but we didn’t make it to ride it. Maybe my expectations were just too high and my love of old Hollywood too strong, but this ride was a disappointment. My absolute favorite movie of all time is Singing In the Rain, and while you are waiting in line they make it look like you are in a huge theater and they played the trailer for Singing In the Rain, so I was really amped. The ‘movie musical’ portion of the ride lasts literally about one minute. Then they put you in the center of a bank-robbery gangster movie, and someone real shows up and it’s all very fake. There is a cool movie reel at the end, but overall it was a disappointment.

Then it started pouring, and the line for the Toy Story line was 90 minutes long, so we skipped it. The Muppet Vision ride was really cute, but pretty much the same as the Shrek Ride or the Bug’s Life Ride. The Studio Back Lot tour was closed because of the rain, and the Star Tours (Star Wars Themed) Ride that was a 3-D simulator was the only ride the whole trip that made me feel a little sick. It was just sort of blah, and we were all cranky that it was pouring rain and suddenly cold.

There were two redeeming features to the day, the Aerosmith RockNRoller coaster and the 50s diner. The RockNRoller coaster was awesome and SO FAST! It a super cool roller coaster that goes super fast and it is in the dark while they blast Aerosmith movie. This ride was probably my number one favorite ride of the trip, as was everyone else, and it really made the whole day.

Then we went to this awesome 50s diner where it looks like you are inside  someone’s 1950s living room kitchen. While you are waiting for a table you sit in a living room watching 1950s commercials, and then when they call your name, they scream “Schaeffer kids! Come in for dinner!” We got a very sassy older waitress, and the whole schtick is they act like your parents and yell at you and you have to set your own table while they ask you to do your homework. Of course my friends want to egg her on and cause trouble and I didn’t, but I still ended up being the only person to get yelled at both for putting my elbows on the table AND for spilling Jim’s milkshake all over the table! WHoops! It made for a very interesting meal, and it was all very funny!

This was our final stop in Disney World. After that we went back to the hotel for some much needed hot tub-time, and our Florida trip came to a close. Since we have been back in New Jersey it has rained every single day, making the return to reality that  much harder. I am unsure of what my next trip will be, but I know that I will be living vicariously through Joey’s posts from China and probably frequenting New York as usual. Stay tuned!!


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