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Posted by on Apr 20, 2011 in Celebrities, New Jersey, Travel | 0 comments

The Boardwalk Empire…Atlantic City & Kathy Griffin Live!

My guilty pleasure is absolutely celebrity gossip! I love knowing what they are doing, wearing, thinking, Vogue, PerezHilton, I love it all! That being said, it is no surprise that I LOVE Kathy Griffin! All she does is talk smack about celebrities, and will tell you the straight-up truth about every A-list star she meets, I just can’t get enough! I think she is hilarious! Needless to say, when I heard she was coming to Atlantic City, I HAD to see her!!! I love someone that can take a joke, and get real about the people they meet. I think it is refreshing to have someone out there telling it like it is, she doesn’t care who she offends! I love a girl who is honest and fierce, not to mention a total gay advocate! Loves her.

My friends and I rolled into Atlantic City on Saturday night, excited to hit up the city and the show! It was ridiculous expensive to stay in Atlantic City on Saturday night! You can stay through the week at any of the top chains, the Borgata, Caesar’s, Harrahs, for under $200 a night. On Saturday night, however, to stay at Caesar’s or any of the ritzy hotels was over $400, for ONE night! Are they out of their mind??? I am NOT paying Vegas prices in New Jersey, absolutely not! So I stayed in Abescon, about ten minutes from the strip, at the County Inn and Suites. Ain’t no shame!

The Country Inn and Suites was cute! Not a place of decadence and ambiance, but it got the job done! The room was huge, and our jacuzzi bath tub was big enough to fit a football team. Sounds good to me!

Not only is it ridiculously difficult to find an affordable room in Atlantic City on the cheap, dinner reservations were impossible. Every place I called was booked until 9:30pm, when we would already be in the show. Luckily, we found a restaurant that had this faux-outdoor seating, so we managed to squeeze in! We ate at MIA in Caesar’s, it was pretty good! Great ambiance, pretty good food. It was not my favorite restaurant to eat at in Atlantic City, but we were hungry and in a hurry!

Kathy Griffin performed at the Borgata, and she was amazing!!! I was wondering when we walked in if pictures were allowed, but as soon as Kathy Griffin came out her first words were “Take my f******* picture! Go ahead! I am so glad you are all here, take as many pictures as you want!” LOVE HER! She is so fierce. The show started out with a total assault on Charlie Sheen’s ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ that was occurring at the Taj right down the Boardwalk from us! Then Kathy went on to discuss her New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper, meeting Donald Trump, the Jersey Shore, and countless other celebrities and shows. It was an excellent night of comedy. Who doesn’t love her Maggie Griffin impression? I  loved every minute. We sat in the grandstand on the right side, and the screens provided a perfect view, although we could see Kathy just fine on the stage too. Kathy Griffin had my friend and I laughing all night!

The next day was spent in beautiful 60 degree weather roaming the boardwalk. It is was spectacular to be outside, at the beach, even! Of course the number one thing everyone wants to know about my trip to Atlantic City is if I gambled or won anything, the answer is no. In fact, aside from the Sex and the City slot machines (that are SO fabulous and fun to play), I really don’t like gambling at all. While I am exceptionally lucky in life, I am extremely unlucky at gambling. I always lose, and I am so frugal that I end up getting mad and pout that I might as well have put my money in a paper shredder. So there, America, I do not like gambling, and for future reference, I don’t ever win!

My last commentary on my awesome trip to Atlantic City is the faboosh restaurant I ate at on Sunday night! The Pier Shops at Caesar’s ( is an amazing place to eat and shop, or, if you are anything like me, drool over designer labels. It is a four story shopping center that extends right up to the water that has stores from Pac Sun to Prada, Burberry to Bulgari. I love it! At the very top of the Pier is a cluster of chic restaurants! One of them, Buddhakhan, is the single most beautiful restaurant I have ever eaten in. This time, however, we decided to try a new restaurant, Continental. Continental is a Tapas style menu of delicious food, most notably a giant heap of shoestring fries. I am a total sucker for ambiance at restaurants, and this one had it all. We ate in the front of the restaurant by this faux-outdoor firepit, but inside was this beautiful red lounge, and even further inside was ‘the bubble room’, a giant gray and purple lounge with bubble windows. So. Cool. Ferocia highly recommends it!

I definitely needed a mini-weekend getaway! Atlantic City and Kathy Griffin provided just the escape I needed, and I would highly recommend either to anyone who needs to let go and relax! I would love to see her again!

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