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Posted by on Apr 26, 2011 in Disney World, Travel | 6 comments

Preparing for Mickey…and a Word About Fear

Welcome to the new and improved Ferocia Fatale!!!! I hope everyone likes the changes; my web developer at worked very hard on it! We have officially hit over 1,000 readers, and I am so excited about it! I am so glad that so many people out there are enjoying this blog, and I hope to see more comments in the future! An amazing new feature to the website is that comments will now be easier, and if you are logged into Facebook you will not need to provide an email address with your comment! So please, let me know what you think of the new site, and what keeps you coming back!

Lately I have been getting excited over my trip to Disney World which is approaching quickly!! I think it is always easier to book a trip and pay for it ahead of time, and then when the time comes everything has already been taken care of! I am definitely a planner! We are staying in Lake Buena Vista, just a few minutes from the Disney parks! It is MAD cheap to stay there! While I would LOVE to stay at some fancy place like the Grand Floridian, I am sure my money will be better spent in the parks. We are just going to have a fun, silly time, and celebrate the sun!

We will be gone for just five short days, including travel time, so I have been racking my brain trying to configure which days will be spent in which parks! I am dying to go to Epcot, and we decided that, though we will arrive in the afternoon, we want to hit up a park on the day that we arrive. Who really wants to get to Disney world and sit in the hotel the first day? Not I! So the first day we are heading to go play in Epcot, and we have dinner reservations at Marrakesh a fine-dining restaurant in the Moroccan Pavilion, it should be delicious! I think every trip needs at least one pseudo fancy dinner!

After our first day in Epcot, we really aren’t sure what we are doing when, but we can’t wait! We are going to purchase three days of ‘Park Hopper Passes’, which will allow us to go to three days worth of any parks at any time. I think the park hopper gives the most flexibility, because we can bounce between the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios as often as we want! On one day we will also be going to Universal and the Islands of Adventure, and the brand new Harry Potter World. If anyone has ANY advice/tips/warnings about Disney, please drop me a comment! I am excited to blog about what I find in Disney!

I am also trying to get a trip to Seattle together for the end of the summer with my friend Joey. To be honest, traveling is what keeps me alive. I love it more than I have ever loved anything. It is what I love to do, what keeps the fire inside of me lit. A future without  travel is not only grim, but impossible for me. Lately I have been preparing to go to school in the fall and I was starting to think it wouldn’t be responsible for me to travel when I will need to start paying for tuition. Traveling can be quite expensive at times. I started getting really down and desperate about the idea of not going anywhere new for the rest of the year. However, I realized if I didn’t go anywhere until next year, the only thing stopping me would have been fear. The fear that I didn’t have enough money, or that I was being irresponsible, or that I couldn’t make it work.

That is when I knew that I absolutely HAD to plan a trip for the end of the summer! I can never let fear stop me from doing anything, especially traveling, because being able to pick any place in the world to go and then manifest it into reality is the most powerful, wonderful feeling.If I had let all of these fears and outside noises get in the way of what I knew I wanted to do, I might have never laid on a pink sand beach in Bermuda, or spent my 21st birthday drinking cosmopolitans in Las Vegas. I would have missed out on some of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have never put myself into debt from traveling, and I never intend to. But I do believe that if it is what you want, you can make it work. Every time I go over seas or to a new place, I am always a little bit terrified. I am a woman who is not without a teensy bit of anxiety. However, I will always make room, time, and money in my life for traveling. I have to, it is what makes me tick.  While I still have a million more places to see, I promise I will never let fear stop me, and I hope that you won’t let fear stop you, either! You never know what you could have missed!


How do YOU like the new site??



  1. The new site is amazing! Love it and love reading your blogs….We luv u :)

    • So glad you like it!! Love to read what everyone has to say! You and Vianca are definitely my most loyal followers at work! lol ♥

  2. Loving the new format… very postcardish! Very YOU! Keep more coming! BTW, planning a trip to Paris for next year… you are an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much Margaret! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Paris! It will be tres magnifique! ; )

  3. Kelli Ann – you know you don’t need a passport to have a great trip. Think Road Trip. There are all kinds of places, depending on your interest within a days drive. You probably know my interest is gardens and I’ve been to gardens all over the country. But zoos are great and museums and we have both NYC and Philadelphia nearby. And though you need your passport – Canada is only a days drive away. Or New England, or even Michigan is only about 14 hours. North Carolina / Tennesee -Pigeon Forge or Nashville? Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach, Va; Redondo Beach, DE – tax free shopping! A long weekend… no airfare… one or two nights of hotels. You’ve got the bug… you may as well enjoy it.

    My tip for Road trips – go to bed early and leave before dawn… you’re half way there by noon and there by dinner even if its a 12 hour drive. If you fly, most of the time you have to get up that early and you spend all that time waiting to take off.

    BTW thanks for sharing – I really enjoyed your Taiwan trip, consider me a subscriber.

    • Mrs.Cole!! I am so glad you like reading the blog, I have SO much fun writing it, especially when I was in Taiwan! I love checking out local places like the Brooklyn Botanical! I definitely need to travel more domestically, for sure! Iin November I went out to Boston for a three day weekend and it was great! I really enjoyed it, and it was much cheaper. I agree that local trips are great, and I need to go on more of them! There are still many places in the US I am dying to see! Thanks for reminding me of that! : )

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