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Posted by on Apr 12, 2011 in Celebrities, New York City | 0 comments

Chicago featuring Christie Brinkley!

My boyfriend and I have been planning on hitting up the New York Botanical Garden for some time now to see the orchid show. Yesterday I had off from work so we decided it would be the perfect opportunity. However, like most museums, the NY Botanical Garden was closed. I really wanted to spend the day in New York City anyway because it was so beautiful out, so we decided to head in and figure it out once we got there!

When we arrive in New York, we usually get off the bus around 42nd street, which is right around the corner from Times Square. I was immediately reminded of just how bad I have been wanting to see Chicago on Broadway, and we decided to check out TKTS to see if they had any last minute tickets available.

TKTS is a magnificent booth in Times Square that sells 50% off tickets to many Broadway shows for that day. Shows that are always sold out like Wicked are almost never featured, but shows that have been on Broadway for many years such as Chicago or Phantom of the Opera always have left over seats that you can grab for half the price! We stood in line for only 20 minutes and got 50% off orchestra seats for Chicago for the 8pm showing….AND found out that Christie Brinkley was playing Roxie!

I have been dying to see Chicago for many years because I am a huge Broadway fan, but also a huge fan of the movie! I know every song, I love the glitz and glamor of the roaring 20s, and all the actors in Chicago the movie really are incredible. I could not wait to see it live action!

We spent a few hours roaming around Central Park, which I will feature in a later post, and eating at a couple of amazing restaurants, then we headed over to the theater. Our seats were really good, about the third row from the back in the rear right orchestra. We had a full view of the show. The first person to come out is Velma Kelly, of course, singing All That Jazz, and she killed it. She was amazing. It was some actress, Amra-Faye Wright who was the first ever to go to Japan and also perform with a Japanese company, playing Velma Kelly, doing all of the lines in Japanese! She was truly a performer, and had a beautiful voice. Christie Brinkley came out, and to be fair, this Amra-Faye girl was a tough act to follow. Christie Brinkley was um….hanging in there….Girlfriend tried, she did. She was trying to work it, and we came home and found out it was actually only her third day doing the show, but I think she has a long way to go. Her Roxie Hart sounded more like a raspy breathey Marilyn Monroe impression, and she definitely does not have the voice. She can dance, I definitely think that she will get better at the dancing and the choreography in the coming weeks, not to mention her body is insane for being almost sixty. She is totally stunning and, at 57, way more fit than I am! During her ‘Roxie’ number, however, I felt a little bad for her. She had a few lines that are actually really funny, that always get me laughing when delivered by Renee Zellwegger, and I swear you could have heard a pin drop in that theater. Her comedic timing might need some fine-tuning…but you have to hand it to her for trying!! My favorite number from the show was still, also, my favorite number from the movie, ‘We Both Reached for the Gun.’ Billy Flynn is such a fun amazing character, and the actor who played him was really nailing his performance, I think he stole the show.

I must mention that it was REALLY hard to be truthful and critical over Christie Brinkley’s performance because….I got to meet her, and she is like the NICEST person on the planet!!! We waited outside the stage door for her, and although they set up barriers that led right to her car, she stopped and greeted everyone. Even when it started pouring rain, she stayed and took photos and signed autographs with every single person there to see her. Christie was even more beautiful in person if you can imagine. Absolutely stunning, and in the most ferocia blue fifities inspired dress, with huge platform wedges. She is very very skinny and petite!

I always find that meeting celebrities can be really awkward, it takes about two seconds for you to realize you don’t really have anything in common or anything to talk about, other than fawning over them. However, Christie Brinkley was so bubbly, and so genuine, she started talking to everyone first! She was asking everyone where they were from, and she personalized every interaction: speaking to a French woman in perfect fluent french, telling these Japanese tourists how sad she was over what happened in their country. I totally understand how she has been the top supermodel in the world and gained such notoriety, she really is a true star! I couldn’t believe how wonderful of a person she is, and I feel really lucky to have seen Chicago while she was in it!!


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