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Posted by on Mar 18, 2011 in Travel | 0 comments

Where is Ferocia Fatale Going Next??

That is the question I get most, from coworkers, customers,  friends, and family. I am well known for my need to travel, and everyone always wants to know…where to next?? This is a question I think about daily, and I always get that excited-butterflies feeling in my stomach when thinking about a trip or even just a place I would like to visit someday.

My next trip will be to Disney World with some friends in May. I haven’t been to Disney World in my adult life, and I am so excited to just be silly in a giant theme park with my best friends! Lucky for me, these friends also have the travel-bug, and definitely believe the more the merrier! We are only going for a few days, and only plan to hit Epcot (I have never been!), the Magic Kingdom, and Universal Studios. We are staying right outside of Disney in Kissimee. Staying inside the Disney Park would have been wonderful, but it is a tad over our budget, and our trip this time around isn’t really about luxury travel, it’s just about having some silly summer fun! I couldn’t be more excited. I am open to Disney World tips, if anybody has some, comment me!!!

After that, who knows! It will be a busy year because my best friend is getting married in October, and I am the Maid of Honor. Then I start school to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. Even though I am thinking I will be too busy to travel next year, I know some crazy trip is going to pop out of nowhere, like they always do! To be honest, I usually only book a trip roughly 3 months in advance. This isn’t on purpose, it just always happens to me that way! So in the next three months I am going to Disney, and after that, well it could be anywhere!

I always like to visit new places, because I feel like there are too many destinations in the world to see to keep going back to the same one. Not to say that I would be disappointed to go somewhere I have already been, but why go to Aruba again when I haven’t seen the Bahamas yet?? Why go back to Paris yet when I have never been to Germany? Hopefully, my next big travel plan will be to somewhere new.

I have been feeling like I cannot live much more time on this Earth without going to Italy. Italy has always been THE place I wanted to go next to Paris, and was the original catalyst to plan a trip to Europe. I was taking an Art History class in college, and after seeing slide after slide of churches, the Sistine Chapel, the fountains, the art, I just couldn’t take it anymore! I burst out of class when it ended, and called up my best friend Joey as I walked out to my car and said, “We need to go to Europe, I have to see Europe, lets do it!!!’ A year later I was in Paris, and that was it! But I still have yet to see Italy, and it has been bumped to the number one spot. Originally I was thinking I would do Italy and Greece in one trip, because Greece occupies the number 2 spot on my Top 5 Destinations list, but there are so many cities in Italy I need to see! I think I will just take my time and wander around Italy when I get there, really do everything. I mean there is Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Capri, how could you only visit one or two cities when each of them have their own distinct culture and special sights? I have to see it all, everything!! This will hopefully be my gift to myself for graduating with my Bachelor’s in 2 years from now, May 2013, although knowing me, it could happen way before then! Only time will tell!

I would like to close this post with my Top 5 Destinations! Keep reading this blog and we’ll find out together if  and when I get to them all!

5. Japan- I am devastated over what has happened in Japan. The time I have spent in Narita Airport has convinced me that I could fall madly in love with this modern, high tech culture that pays extreme attention to detail. I cannot wait to go back, and I feel for the people who have been hit with this devastating crisis.

4. Egypt- My late grandmother was convinced she was an Egyptian in a former life, if that ain’t fierce I don’t know what is! I grew up watching every special on Nefertiti and the pyramids, and I do feel like as a life-long traveler, it is something I have to see for myself, and for her. I have to get there before the sphinx is worn down to nothing!!

3. India- I have heard time and again that this is a trip that will change your life, and I have to go see it. This is a place of extreme poverty, where the people work hard day in and day out, living with next to nothing, and still experience the most joy. The entire trip is supposed to be an assault on your senses, I can’t wait! Also, I would die to meet the Dalai Lama and hear that laugh, I LOVE him.

2. Greece- It has the water and beaches of a tropical island, and the history of ancient Europe, need I really say more???

1. Italy- Not only do I need to see the historic staples of the world, like the Sistine Chapel, I can’t wait to eat EVERYTHING when I get there! Pasta, gelato, espresso, Napoleons, I want it all!

Where are YOU dying to go?? Where does Ferocia Fatale HAVE to go? Let me know! : )

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