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Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in New Jersey | 6 comments

Eating My Way Through the World: Hoboken Edition

Hoboken is an adorable town right across the Hudson from NYC. Whenever I have the itch to go to the city but I am feeling too lazy, my boyfriend and I pop over to Hoboken! There are countless restaurants lining the cutest Main Street, with tons of independent shops and apartments that have been there since the turn of the century!

There are so many amazing restaurants in Hoboken with tons of different types of food! My boyfriend and I recently decided we are going to try to go out to dinner at one once a month, and eventually try them all! There is every kind of food you can imagine! Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, American, and we are pretty sure that they are currently constructing a Falafel house! Awesome!

One restaurant in particular that my boyfriend and I praise at every oppurtunity is Charritos. Charritos (  is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, as tiny and colorful as can be! In the summer time they set up a patio on Main Street with tables and umbrellas, because the inside is so tiny.  There are actually two different locations in Hoboken, one in Weehawken, and one in Union City. It is possibly the best guacamole and Mexican food I have ever had! They make the guacamole fresh for you on the spot, and it is creamy and perfect, absolutely to die for! Charrito’s also has many vegetarian dishes, which is super important and something I like to see in a restaurant! Another amazing bonus to this great restaurant is the Sangria! If you bring in your own wine, they mix you a giant pitcher of super fresh Sangria with fresh fruit, perfect for a summer day! If you are hard up for a restaurant to eat at in the Hoboken Area, hit up Charritos!!!

After you’re done having an amazing dinner, if you aren’t too full, there are also tons of dessert places in Hoboken! The most well known bakery in Hoboken, of course, is Carlos Bakery! I love watching Cake Boss, and have seen every episode, however, I must admit I have yet to actually step food inside. I am dying to try some of their pastries, but you have to be prepared to wait in line! Every time I have been in Hoboken I have overheard out-of-towners talking about the Cake Boss. I personally thought that the traffic into the bakery would have died down by now, but I was very wrong! My boyfriend and I headed into Hoboken just a few weeks ago to check it out, it was a Monday afternoon, and the line was down two blocks! I thought there must have been something extra special happening, so I questioned the waitress at our restaurant. As it turns out, there is almost ALWAYS a line that long outside of Carlos Bakery, which is said to be about an hour. An hour isn’t too terrible, but then she said that the line INSIDE the Bakery is an additional hour wait. Yesterday when we went into Hoboken, it was getting late and I assume the bakery was closing soon. We walked up to the front to peer into the windows, and lo and behold the line was wrapping around twice inside the door, you could not open the door to the bakery, much less fit any more people inside. Perhaps one Sunday afternoon in the future I will have the patience to wait in line, until then I can keep watching TLC!

Another great perk of Hoboken is not only walking around the Main Street in downtown, Washington Street, but also the surrounding parks with the view of Manhattan! Hoboken has huge grassy knolls and park benches right on the waterfront where you can enjoy the skyline. There are always people walking around, jogging, or coming in from their commute at the historic Hoboken train station! Not to mention there are tons of bars and clubs that I have yet to hit up for the nightlife! While parking is a bit of a hassle, it has never been so bad that I have given up on dinner in Hobe.

Hoboken is definitely a New Jersey gem, and if you are not feeling up to a bus/train ride into the city for a dinner date night, Hoboken is at the top of my list for recommendations!


  1. OoooOooh, I’ve been to Charrito’s. The guacamole is to DIE for!

    • Love the ferocia St. Patty’s day headgear in that last photo. ;)

      • WHY thankkkk you! haha best st.patty’s day ever!

    • Lisa, IT IS MAGNIFICENT! I am so glad you know what I am talking about!!! Maybe one of these girls nights we can all come by and you can teach us how to cook somethin’!

  2. You’re welcome!

    • lol oh yes thank you very much. Many kudos to our favorite foodie friend for recommending this place! I don’t know if Jim mentioned it but we also went to East LA last week to eat in Hoboken, it was terrible! You definitely picked the best Mexican place there!

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