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Posted by on Feb 16, 2011 in Taiwan, Travel | 4 comments

They Are Going To Need A Forklift To Get Me Home

Eat. Sight-see. Eat. Walk. Eat. Sight-see. Eat. Eat. Eat. That about sums up my time in Taiwan thus far. The food here is simply amazing. I now have a much deeper insight to my boyfriend’s love for any and every kind of food. All they do on this island is eat!

The other day I was stopped dead in my tracks by a food stand that had what looked like mini pancakes! So cool! I had to try it! It is a dessert, that my boyfriend can’t think of a name for in English other than ‘Pancake Pockets’, that is comprised of two thick pancakes with different fillings squished in the middle. I had cream, but other fillings include red bean and chocolate! It is amazing and terribly messy! So gooooooooood.

Another delicious dessert is this big puffy pastry, with a hardened flavored chocolate on the outside. They are incredibly fun to look at! While not my favorite to eat, I had to include a picture because they are so pretty and foreign! To my surprise, I am coming to find that Asian bakeries are the best!

Lastly, I had to mention this particularly amazing Sushi experience I had, because it was so super cool! I kept thinking about my best friend, Amelia, and her boyfriend, Austin, because it would BLOW THEIR MINDS! Austin loves sushi, as much or possibly more than I do, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wish they could witness this! You sit down around this big island in the center, and a conveyor belt keeps moving with little plates of sushi on it! It never stops moving, rotating all these little plates with TONS of different kinds of sushi! Rolls, sashimi, everything! This place was so much fun!

Appropriately named ‘Sushi Express’, you could take whatever you want off the conveyor belt, and an attendant sat in this little room that the conveyor belt passed as he added fresh food to it. To give you an idea of how much food here is, each plate had anywhere from two to four pieces of sushi on it, and it was A DOLLAR A PLATE! We ate 12 plates=$12! So cheap and so goooooood! 12 plates filled us both up, and for that price you can’t beat it!


  1. I love Sushi Express! There are 3 or so chains of sushi restaurants like that in China and they are great. I’m so happy you are having fun in Taipei. Next time, stop by Beijing!

    • Thanks Pete!!! : ) I really love Taiwan, if it is anything like China, then i’m sure I would love China too! I am very excited for Joey to visit you!

  2. OMG!!!!!! That sounds so amazing. Austin would totally flip if he saw that!!! Lol. What a fantastic deal on sushi and all of the desserts looks awesome too. I also just have to say that I love the “gangsta of love” shirt the vender girl is wearing!! That’s so wonderful and adorable.

    • Omg, I was totally going to bring up the shirt in the blog, but I didn’t know if people would see it! SO good right? The sushi express was so fun! I loved it, I kept thinking of you guys! Post-Disney you need to get over to Asia! lol I will peer-pressure you all over the world! Love that you love reading this! Wish you were here!

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