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Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in The View, TV Shows | 2 comments

The View

Just when I thought this blog would die out because I would not have anything interesting to say…I come home to find tickets to The View in my mailbox! While this may not be exciting to some, I always find the opportunity to fraternize near almost-celebrities VERY exciting! As luck would have it, I had arrived just in time to receive the tickets, the day before the show, and I had no plans whatsoever (my life works in very happy mysterious ways)! SO of course I went and had an amazing time! The ladies on The View are all gorgeous and surprisingly SO SO nice!

I have been in a studio audience twice before, both times for the Tyra Banks Show. While I used to occasionally watch the Tyra show, I regularly watch The View whenever I get the opportunity. Make fun of it all you want, I am well aware the show is basically a bunch of women bickering for an hour, I can’t help it, I love it. I love that Barbara WaWa is like a thousand years old and manages to remind me of my grandma and be sassy all at once, I LOVE everything about Whoopi Goldberg, I love the catty comments, and yes I enjoy occasionally getting my news partially digested, sue me!

So at 6:30 this morning I trekked out to NYC, with my boyfriend held hostage, and stood in a line outside ABC studios in the freezing cold. After half an hour we were let into the studio lobby to wait for another hour, which, albeit annoying, seems pretty typical based on my previous experiences. The cool thing about The View, in contrast to the Tyra Show, is you could bring in your camera! So I managed to get about a zillion pictures of the portraits hanging up in the lobby! Hooray!

I was so excited when we finally got into the studio where they film! It is much smaller than it looks on tv, as do most studios, and on the way in they even gave us snacks! I was already loving The View much more than the Tyra Show. Keebler cookies and apple juice? Hell Yeah I have just been standing in 16 degree weather and then an additional hour in the lobby, feed me!

The guests were a snoozefest, so I won’t even mention them, but I will mention the ladies of the View! They are so nice! All of them are so nice! Because again, in stark contrast to Tyra Banks, they actually talk to the audience during the commercial break! Not only do they talk to and engage the audience, they walk around the studio, and answer questions from the audience! It was so cool! Tyra Banks did not even acknowledge the people in the audience, let alone engage us in conversation! Sherri Shepherd actually seemed like the nicest of the bunch! She walked around, said hello to everyone, shook hands with people, and answered questions. Whoopi only spoke at the end after the show wrapped, and of course she is hysterical. Even Elizabeth seemed super nice, and made sure that she fully answered a question for the audience member even after everyone was trying to cut her off.

PLUS during commercial breaks you can take pictures! You can take as many pictures as you want of everyone! Sooooo Cooooooool.

The View was a blast, and fully renewed my faith in the experience of being in a studio audience. It is clear to me how these ladies have stayed on television for almost fifteen years!


  1. Awesome! I really wanna go to California for the Ellen show! Let’s go!

    • I would love to see Ellen! I think she would be the most fun! Joey and I tried to get tickets while we were in LA, but they weren’t taping! boo!

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