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Posted by on Feb 28, 2011 in TV Shows | 1 comment


While I absolutely do not boast that this is a fashion blog (because it is not), I am madly in love with awards season for the fashion. My everyday normal life has been a little dramatic since my return, so I haven’t been able to go out and do cool things to blog about! Thus, you will get to hear my every thought about this year’s Oscar Awards Show.

This year I was more than overjoyed to be able to watch it, because most Sunday nights in the past I have had to work. This year I used my planning skills to take off  from work ahead of time, and make my girlfriends take off work too! I was really excited to see what James Franco and Anne Hathaway could do hosting the show, although Hugh Jackman killed it in the past! Another reason why I couldn’t wait for this year’s show is because I have seen just about every movie nominated. My boyfriend and I are both huge movie buffs, if we see that stupid laurel wreath on the cover of a movie or hear a lot of buzz, regardless of the subject, we are going to see it. That being said, there really were SO many great movies this year (except Winter’s Bone…what was that? Did anyone actually even hear about that movie to begin with…?)! I LOVED The King’s Speech, The Kids Are All Right, and Black Swan was just okay for me but Natalie Portman still shut it down with her flawless performance! I can’t wait to see 127 Hours, I know I am going to love it!

I love all movies, especially old movies. Those who know me know I am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, Gene Kelly, and everything old Hollywood! When my best friend Joey and I went to Los Angeles we could not wait to get to Hollywood especially the Kodak Theater where they host the Oscars! Joey and I went on a tour inside of the Kodak, which is right next-door to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and we got to go inside the bars where the celebrities mingle before the show, take the same entrance the celebrities do to the theater, AND sit in the seats of the theater! SO COOL! Outside the Theater we were wondering where the famous red carpet goes, because the theater is just sitting on a main road that is loaded with traffic. A guard explained that this was it! They actually block off an entire section of this huge main street and set up the red carpet ON the pavement! Crazy!

Anyway, back to tonight’s Oscars! Hands down my favorite Red Carpet fashion was Mila Kunis. I am a total sucker for dreamy billowy antique looking gowns. How amazing was that? If and when I am invited to the Oscars, I will wear something like that by Elie Saab or Marchesa! She did it right in Elie Saab, from the jewelry to the hair (hair, being a real problem on this year’s red carpet that I will address later), she just looked perfect, young, fresh, and glamorous, I loved it!

On to worst dressed….Nicole Kidman, and Scarlett Johanson…..what the MelissaLeo was that? I think any dress that can make Nicole Kidman look fat needs to be destroyed immediately. I love haute couture, but sometimes it isn’t right for an awards show! Kidman’s Dior Haute Couture made her hips look gigantic! No no no! Scarlett Johansson also topped my worst dressed… If the lace had been one color, or maybe one consistent pattern, maybe it would have been okay. I don’t know, girlfriend looked like she was going through a divorce, that was fo’sho. I loved the color, and the back, but what was that hair? Scarjo, Marissa Tomei, and even Natalie Portman had a real problem with their hair tonight. All girls looked a bit greasy,  like they did their hair yesterday, went to the Oscars, then slept on it, rolled out of bed, and went to the Oscars a second time. This is the place for dramatic updo’s, big huge glamorous curls..needless to say I was shocked and disappointed.(Note: I feel like we can no longer even nominate Helena Bonham Carter for Worst Dressed, because that is just always a given).

On to better looks, I also LOVED Hilary Swank, Sandra Bullock, and Halle Berry. Once the Red Carpet began, I kept seeing pretty dresses, but no drama. I kept asking, where is the drama? This is the biggest night of the year in entertainment!  I want DRAMA!  Hilary Swank did it right, for me, in her Gucci Premiere. I got the sequins, the train, the feathers, everything I wanted rolled into one dress! Although they don’t all have to be complicated, because Reese Witherspoon DID float in and steal the show in the most simple dress of them all by Armani Prive.

Men, for the most part, always look the same. Unless they dress particularly strange, it only comes down to a mild variation in suit, so while I won’t dedicate nearly any time talking about this, Justin Timberlake was my Best Dressed Man….although..isn’t that always the case? His tuxedo was so classy and sexy. Hotttttttt.

As far as the Oscar show went, I agree with many of the critics this morning that while nothing was an epic fail, it was a little boring. The opening was cute, but I like the more theatrical live action that Hugh Jackman brought better. What was up with James Franco? I thought he looked like he was going to vom the entire night! Thankfully, Anne did a good job carrying the show. The Marilyn dress was the best part of Franco’s performance , the rest…I’m not sure if he was shooting for apathetic and it just turned out boring or what the problem really was. Anne really was cute, but I think there needs to be someone funnier to host, such as Sandra Bullock, who’s Best Actor presentation was funnier than anyone had been all night. A night like the Oscar’s calls for a comedian that feels comfortable enough with themselves to be funny, that is why Billy Crystal and Whoopi have been such successes in previous years. I thought that while Ricky Gervais took it too far at the Golden Globes, Anne and James didn’t really make fun of the actors enough, isn’t that what everyone likes to see? I know I do! I would love to see Sandra host, Tina Fey, Goldie Hawn, or Russel Brand…or Clooney and Brad! Would you not just roll over and DIE to have George Clooney and Brad Pitt host your Oscar evening? With their cute boy Ocean’s-11 best friend banter? I think I am on to something America!

Worst Dressed? Nicole Kidman/ Best Dressed: Mila Kunis

Highlights: The opening reel, Melissa Leo dropping the F-bomb, and Sandra Bullock’s Best Actor Presentation

Biggest Disappointment: James Franco, all of the musical performances (except Somewhere Over the Rainbow), and Scarlett Johansson (&her hair)

What Did you guys think???!?!?

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  1. I agree with your take on ScarJo and Natalie’s hair. What was that?? Their hair ESPECIALLY failed outdoors. When ScarJo was being interviewed on the red carpet I saw little scraggly strands catching the breeze as if they were trying to escape the disaster and taste sweet freedom. I didn’t mind her dress though, although it definitely wasn’t a winner of the night. I also thought Natalie’s was a snooze. I realize it was a maternity-ish dress but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. BUT, I agree whole-heartedly with your thumbs-up to Mila’s, Reese’s, and Hilary’s choices! Love classic eleganza!

    BTW, totally LOVE seeing LA-pic memories here! :)


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