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Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Taiwan, Travel | 2 comments

Ni Hao! Preparing for Takeoff…

Welcome friends!!! Ni Hao!! Isn’t this site groovy?!? My boyfriend is the best at web development, this is all hand-crafted by his brilliance! Thanks for stopping in!!

Currently it is….2 AM early Tuesday. We have not gone to sleep yet, too busy making final preparations, last minute packing,  and creating this blog so that I can keep up with everyone while I am gone. In about six hours my boyfriend and I will be heading out for the airport on my first trip to Asia, first stop Japan, but just for a layover, then Taiwan for two weeks.

I am in that sleepy haze of calm, although I am sure in the morning I will be very nervous, excited, and perhaps even a teensy bit terrified! From the airport we will need to take a bus and then walk a few blocks to where we will  be staying. Total travel time will be about 22 hours, the longest I have ever traveled before. Jet-lag nearly killed me in Paris, I probably could have fallen asleep on the sidewalk if they would have let me. Asia will be the true test of my jet-lag capabilities, luckily we arrive in Taiwan around 10:30pm, and chances are I will still be exhausted enough to sleep.

I am so excited just to see Tokyo airport, I wish we had time to spend in Japan, but I’m sure the two weeks in Taiwan will fly by as it is! I am expecting the Japanese airport to blow my mind, but I can’t even imagine what it will look like. This is the furthest I have ever traveled, and I couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity. I am a very fortunate person, not only to be going to Taiwan, but also to get the ‘local’ experience from a person who was born there!

24 Hours from now I will be very far from home,  how beautiful will it be? How many times will I totally embarass myself? What kind of food will I be presented with? How many hundreds of pictures can I take of one temple? What Mandarin phrases can I shamefully misuse?  How many pieces of Jade are too many? Will I come home starting every phrase with “Buddha says..” as my best friend Kerri suspects??

…..stay tuned…the adventure is just getting started!


  1. Love to follow your travels girl!!
    I’m trying to get subscribed to your feed but having some issues… hopefully it’s just my internets!!

    • Thanks for reading and the heads up! The feed problem should be fixed now! : )

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