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Posted by on Feb 10, 2011 in Taiwan, Travel | 3 comments

Konichiwa! A love letter to Narita Airport.

I LOVE Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. We have a four hour layover here and this airport is to die for! This is easily the coolest airport that I have ever been to. You want to talk CHIC? There are huge silk screens of Japanese art everywhere! In front of our gate there is a this sexy lounge with a club atmosphere, stained glass art, big white leather seats, bellissimo! The seats are also more comfortable and much prettier than the seats at Newark, and they all face these huge open windows, where I watched my first Japanese sunset. It is beautiful!

The first thing you notice when you step off the plane in Japan is a very calming silence that washes over you. Everyone in the airport is very quiet, and respectful from the citizens to the attendants. It is not eerie at all though, it is actually really nice! Even the airport security is very delicate with your belongings, they don’t herd you through security and shout at you like they do in EWR, they are very calm, and polite. Very refreshing!

Other strange things include a “Day Room and Showers” feature. For $13 you can rent out a shower or an entire bedroom which has a whole separate glass office area to book. While I was very tempted to take a shower, I decided to push through and bear it.

When we first arrive, I was warned by my boyfriend before I went to the restroom that there are THREE kinds of toilets. Of course he didn’t describe them to me any further, he just said I can decide which one I preferred to use. Having never been to Asia before, of course I had little idea of what to expect. The three types include a normal bathroom, a bathroom with a bidet (which, apparently, are very popular, because every time I used the restroom all of the bidets were taken), and a few stalls for the old-school Asians…which can only be described as a urinal that is laying on the floor, for squatting. Outside of every stall there is a picture that shows you which kind of toilet is in that stall. I chose this time of the adventure to keep to my standard Western ways.

A final amazing feature to Narita airport is the Origami Museum! SO cool! There you can purchase crafts and books to make origami, and also features beautiful gigantic hand-crafted origami villages. Huge displays of temples with cherry blossoms, people and cranes, all made out of paper!

I don’t think I could ask more for an airport!

While I have already arrived in Taipei, I wanted to first discuss the Japanese airport, because it really is a sight to behold. My next post will feature the interesting accommodations of a traditional Taiwanese apartment, and my first Taiwanese Starbucks!

Talk to you soon! :)


  1. Kel, I love that you have this blog!!! Congrats on the trip. I LOVE Japan and China, though have not been to Taiwan, so I am really looking forward to your posts! I see a book on your horizon – lots of great stories, funny and embarrassing fauxpas’ and you just being you! Have fun and see it all! – Margaret

    • Thanks so much Margaret! I am so glad you’re having fun reading the blog! I am having a great time. So far it’s so gorgeous and there are so many new experience to have! I would definitely like to spend more time in Japan some day, and maybe some major cities in China! : )

  2. I stinking miss u already and I’m so glad u have the blog so I can keep up with you and kno ur safe. I love that u did a whole segment about the toilets and can I just say that I personally loved it and was completely fascinated. Lol. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

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